How to Convert a Char to a String in Rust

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If you’re working with Rust and you need to convert a char to a String, there are a few different ways you can accomplish this. In this article, we’ll explore the different methods available and provide examples to help you understand the solutions. Method 1: Using the to_string Method The simplest and most straightforward way …

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How Rust Implements Reflection

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Rust, unlike some other programming languages, does not have built-in support for reflection. Reflection allows developers to obtain information about types at runtime, such as their fields, methods, and interfaces. However, Rust provides an alternative approach to achieve similar functionality through the use of traits and type IDs. What is Reflection? Reflection is a feature …

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How to Run Cargo Fmt on Save in VSCode?

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Prerequisites Before we dive into the configuration process, make sure you have the following prerequisites: Visual Studio Code: Download and install the latest version of VSCode from the official website. Rust: Install Rust on your system by following the instructions provided on the official Rust website. Rust Analyzer: Install the rust-analyzer extension in VSCode. This …

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How to Format std::time Output in Rust

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When working with time in Rust, there are two main methods available: Instant::now and SystemTime::now. However, neither of these methods is suitable for displaying time to a human. Time formatting is a complex task, and fortunately, it is not part of the standard library. Instead, I recommend using the chrono crate, which provides a more …

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