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How to Post an Empty Body to REST API via HttpClient in C When working with REST APIs in C#, you may come across scenarios where you need to send a POST request with an empty body. This can be useful in situations where the API endpoint expects a POST request but doesn’t require any …

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List Queries: 20 Times Faster than IQueryable?

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Have you ever wondered why list queries are often faster than IQueryable queries in C#? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this performance difference and discuss when and how to use each type of query. What is IQueryable? Before we dive into the performance comparison, let’s first understand what IQueryable is. IQueryable …

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Tree Data Structure in C#

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How to Implement a Tree in C There is no standard tree data structure in C# because there are multiple ways to implement it based on specific requirements. However, we can start by defining a base class called Node that will serve as the foundation for our tree implementation. Here are a few options to …

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How to Resolve the “Could not find a part of the path” Error Message in C What Causes the “Could not find a part of the path” Error? The “Could not find a part of the path” error occurs when the path you are trying to access does not exist or is incorrect. There are …

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How to Concatenate Two Arrays in C#

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Method 1: Using the Concat Method The easiest way to concatenate two arrays in C# is by using the Concat method provided by the System.Linq namespace. This method takes two arrays as input and returns a new array that contains all the elements from both arrays. int[] array1 = { 1, 2, 3 }; int[] …

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