How to Get Route Parameters in React

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When building a React application with routing, it is common to need access to the parameters passed in the URL. These parameters can be used to dynamically render different components or fetch data from an API. In this article, we will explore how to get route parameters in React using the react-router-dom library. What are …

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React onSelect Event Not Working: How to Fix It

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Why is the onSelect Event Not Working? The onSelect event is commonly used with input fields such as <input> or <textarea> to capture user selections. However, in React, the onSelect event does not work with regular DOM elements. This is because React handles events differently than traditional JavaScript. How to Fix the onSelect Event Not …

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Webpack5 + react-refresh-webpack-plugin: Why it doesn’t work?

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What is react-refresh-webpack-plugin? The react-refresh-webpack-plugin is a Webpack plugin that enables hot module replacement (HMR) for React components. It allows developers to see the changes they make to their React components in real-time without having to manually refresh the browser. This plugin is especially useful during development, as it improves productivity by reducing the time …

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